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Summer Necklaces!

Summer is just a few weeks away and we want to cap off our recommendation series by showcasing our top 5 necklaces for summer!

Our top choices are based on the colors, shapes, and sizes that we think will complement any occasion on your summer holiday. These pieces can be worn alone or with matching accessories like a ring or earrings.

First up is our Pear Yellow Sapphire. This ring is almost 4 carats and has a .24 carat yellow marquis diamond and .41 carats of white diamonds. This necklace is set in 14K white gold. The contrast of the yellow diamond with the white gold necklace is a nice color combination for summer. Like many of our pieces, you can wear them with casual daytime outfits, or you can wear them for more formal evening occasions.

Next, we have our Blue Cambolite necklace. This piece is almost 3 carats total and has a blue cambolite at its center which weighs 2.82 carats. This stone’s beautiful ocean color is offset with .71 carats worth of white diamonds. Our signature white gold necklace comes in 18K and features a subtle design that highlights the pendant.

The Blossom Diamond necklace is our take on the traditional diamond necklace and comes in as our third pick for the necklaces of the summer. We wanted to create a delicate design that was airy and full of wonder. This little gemstone necklace is 18K white gold and has .30 carats worth of white diamonds. We consider it a classic statement piece that will look lovely both during the day and at night.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the Rubellite. This necklace is our top pick to wear for any nighttime summer functions. It has a beautiful rich red, 2.66 carat Rubellite with a smaller .20 carat white marquise diamond. These two stones compliment each other nicely, and the .67 carats worth of small diamonds that surrounds both stones really makes this the ideal necklace for anyone looking to make an entrance.

Last, but certainly not least is our Blue Cambolite necklace. This piece is designed very similarly to the Rubellite, in that it has similar shapes and the use of the marquise diamond. The difference here is that the center Blue Cambolite is twice as big, weighing in at 5.87 carats. This 18K white gold necklace reminds us of the water. The .61 in small diamonds that encase it offset the vibrant color.

We know that this past year hasn’t been easy and we have done our best to try and keep the spirit of BoBen Designs present in the lives of our clients.

Our hope is to continue bringing you informative blogs that connect you with pieces that we think you’ll appreciate.

We sincerely hope that you and your family are able to enjoy the summer holiday and if you want to stop by to say hello or have your jewelry questions answered. Then stop by our downtown Danville location.

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