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Ringing In The Summer!

We are ringing in the summer with our favorite rings!

This week we continue to showcase our favorite pieces just in time for summer. Much like our post on Monday about earrings, today, we want to share our favorite ring picks.

When it comes to summer. Accessories are key. Even if you’re on a staycation, the idea is to try and find something that makes you feel far away from the everyday routine. With the pandemic this has become more challenging, which is why we decided to share our lists.

Our top 4 rings for the summer:

The Oval Diamond is a beautiful .34 oval shaped diamond ring. This ring is multi-purpose in that it can be worn as nothing more than a stylish piece or can be gifted to someone special as a sign of commitment.

The Pear Tanzanite is a wonderful color choice for summer. The pear shape is a departure from the traditional shapes such as square and oval. As we mentioned earlier in the week, Tanzanite is a rare gemstone. We like the rich deep blue that this gemstone has to offer. This ring is a strong statement ring that can be worn on any finger and for any occasion.

The Oval Tanzanite is a lot like our pear shape in terms of color and size. But, the difference is that this version is the traditional oval shape. This ring has 54 smaller diamonds (.71 carats) surrounding the gemstone and carries a total carat weight of 5.92 grams. One of our favorite parts about this ring is the gold border with prongs that holds the gemstone in place. This splash of color contrasts nicely with the blue Tanzanite, making it ideal for a hot summer night.

Our green oval Amethyst is the last ring on our list, but certainly still one of our top picks.

This ring shares a similar style to the oval Tanzanite in terms of shape and the gold bordered prongs. However, this gemstone is more than double the size, with the gemstone measuring more than 10.98 carats, along with almost a full carat worth of diamonds.

Our top four rings are linked for your convenience.

We know that it isn’t always possible for customers to make it to our Downtown Danville location. Which is why we redesigned our website this year to showcase all of our inventory in high resolution.

The pandemic has radically changed the way people shop and we want to make sure that we offer everyone in the BoBen family a way to explore our fine line without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you are looking for something and don’t see it on our site. Please reach us via the contact page with your inquiry. We are happy to work with you to create any style you want.

Please subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss next week’s post where we discuss our top choices for summer necklaces.

As always, stay safe and be well!


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