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About Us

BoBen Designs is a fine jewelry store located in Downtown Danville, California. Borislav Bentchev is the owner and master goldsmith on site, offering services in custom design, repairs, and manufacturing. All in a relaxed and low-pressure environment with an unparalleled commitment to our customers for the last 37 years.

Boris opened his first jewelry store called Mastercraft Jewelers in Pleasanton, California. He ran it successfully for 21 years before he moved to Danville in 2015 and renamed his store BoBen Designs.

The name of BoBen Designs comes from a combination of Boris' first and last name. The first two letters are from his first name and the last three letters are from his last name: (Bo)ris (Ben)tchev.

BoBen Designs' philosophy is rooted in using the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship that produce unique designs that stand apart from the competitors. Boris’s attention to detail and devotion to satisfy client demand for his unique and personal jewelry is the heart of his creativity. 

We encourage established and prospective customers to stop by our storefront to say hello!

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