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Summer Is Around The Corner!

Summer is around the corner!

This means that it’s time for light colors and plenty of opportunities to show off some jewelry. This week we want to spotlight some pieces that we think will perfectly complement any summer wardrobe.

We’ll showcase our finest earrings, necklaces, and rings that we think you’ll love.

Earrings are some of our favorite accessories. They pair well with casual wear like a summer dress, or more formal attire for night time engagements. No matter the occasion, our earrings are made out of the highest quality materials and are designed with comfort in mind.

Here are our top 5 earrings for summer.

Our deep purple Amethyst earrings are the perfect accessory for a sunset summer dinner by the beach. These earrings have a rich deep color that will contrast nicely with light colors such as white and light gray. These earrings have a total carat weight of 3.77 in Amethyst, which is surrounded by .98 carat of white diamonds, which is then encased in 18K white gold. The edges of these pieces have been softened for maximum comfort, which means you can wear them all day and all night.

Our Blossom Diamond Earrings are a modern take on the traditional diamond earring. In this version, we decided to use a flower shaped diamond to create a bursting effect. This is meant to appear light and open. The design, much like all the others, has been crafted with comfort in mind. Meaning that the 1.31 carat in diamonds does not feel heavy on the lobe. One of the most common complaints from earring wearers is that gemstone earrings can stretch the earlobe and feel cumbersome.

Rest assured, you won’t ever feel that with our designs.

The Carat Blue Cambolite is another favorite of ours. The teal colored combolite reminds us of the reflection of a pool or the ocean. It’s a thin cut stone, surrounded by diamonds, that will go with any type of outfit. Blue combolite is actually very rare, which is why we feature it so often in our jewelry line. We believe that our customers should be able to wear pieces that are as special as they are.

The Carat Yellow Sapphire earrings are designed with a 1.69 yellow sapphire, surrounded by .79 in diamonds. The dangle earrings are perfect for a summer. The bright rich color of the gemstone is vibrant and contrasts nicely with the diamonds. The white gold setting also makes it stand out more.

Now for our signature evening earring. The 4.21 carat Tanzanite with diamond halo dangle with .68 diamonds. This 18K two-tone gold pair of earrings are ideal for a summer evening. The dark blue Tanzanite is also a staple in our necklaces and rings.

We’re looking forward to summer and hope you are too!

Stay tuned for our next blog this week where we will share the top 5 rings for this summer and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an update!


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