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Best Time of Year To Buy Jewelry?

We hope that you enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday!

The gift-giving season is starting to hit a lull just before summer. This has caused us to wonder, when is the best time to buy fine jewelry? Or just gold and silver? Is there an optimum time to buy gemstones too? All of these questions might be something you’re asking yourself if you’re considering making a jewelry purchase.

According to, there are several times per year that will certainly help get you the most out of your money. For example, they recommend investing in gold, silver and loose gemstones at the beginning of the calendar year. This is because the price of these metals and minerals tend to be lower after the holiday shopping season.

This same opportunity also extends into February and March. The only exception for February is Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday when people tend to give the most jewelry. It’s estimated, according to that Americans spent more than 21 billion dollars on jewelry for Valentine’s Day in 2021. The average amount that someone spent on their beloved was estimated at more than $160.

So following that one holiday, the rest of the month isn’t entirely rife with gift-giving.

However, by May, consumers have another opportunity to buy affordable jewelry. This is because jewelers know that consumers are expecting their income tax returns and are looking to buy gifts well ahead of the holiday season, which many people typically start shopping for in late October and early November.

The summer months are really tough on the jewelry market. This is because most people are on vacations or simply don’t have any notable gift-giving holidays (with the exception of birthdays) to spend their money on. So, if you’re looking to start shopping much earlier for the gift-giving season, many jewelers recommend shopping during the summer.

August is another slow month, especially because summer is winding down and people are preparing for other financial obligations, such as the start of school and perhaps following a strict budget to make up for overspending during the summer.

The next few months leading up to Christmas are full with all kinds of sales. The most popular American shopping holiday is Black Friday. This is when jewelers reduce their prices significantly to make room for new designs in the new year. If you’re looking for a prime opportunity to buy fine pieces, this would be the ideal time to do so.

Of course, these are just estimations about when you should buy jewelry. If you’re able to purchase jewelry whenever you find a piece that moves you, then you should. Our Real People, Real Stories campaign is a testament to the power of jewelry to reflect a part of who you are.

We can’t be certain how the holiday season will shape up this year. The hope is that we are on the path to normalcy and will be able to fully open our doors in anticipation for all of your gift-giving needs.


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